Legionella issues

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For prevention and control of the legionella bacteria turn to Labo Derva and you are assured of a comprehensive approach. We carry out on-site risk assessments and propose comprehensive management plans for all types of customers: nursing homes, hotels, sports centers, restaurants, hospitals, swimming pools.

We use the highest legal standards and the latest scientific insights. With Labo Derva you rule out any risk.

When advising on the legionella bacterium, we act in accordance with the Legionella act of 22 November 2002, issued by Mieke Vogels, Flemish Minister of Health and updated in 2007 (Legionella Decree of 02.09.2007 by the Flemish Government, published in the Belgian official journal of 04.052007 pg. 23822 t / m 23 838).

To ensure a high quality approach, our laboratory has consulted with the following specialists:

  • Prof. F. Tiefenbrunner, University of Insbruck, Austria
  • Dr. J. Lee, Public Health Laboratory UK, Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • Dr. D. Moore, S & N Edinbrough, United Kingdom
  • Prof. P. Harteman, University van Nancy, France

Dye tests

Flow tests (dye tests) are performed in conformity with Article of Vlarem II which states that the water circulation system and the flow pattern should be tested for each pool. These flow tests are also conducted in accordance with the directive of the European Commission EN 15288 Part 1 and 2 (BS EN15288).