Complete service

With our dual service - analysis and consultancy - Labo Derva presents itself as a unique complete partner for all kinds of water research. Labo Derva, located in Heusden - Zolder Belgium ,offers its services in addition to Belgium also in the Netherlands, France, Germany, England, Bahrain and Canada.

Modern laboratory

Labo Derva has one of the most modern laboratories in Belgium. Thanks to the fully equipped and extensively automated lab we can easily analyse large amounts of samples per day. We currently have about 25 employees.

EU accreditation

Labo Derva has all the necessary approvals to work in the whole of Europe. We already hold the ISO 17025 quality certificate, the highest European accreditation for water analysis issued by BELAC, for over 10 years.

Local accreditation

Labo Derva has besides the ISO 17025 quality certificate, the highest European accreditation for water analysis, also the specific Flemish, Walloon and Brussels accreditations. This allows us to perform the analysis throughout Belgium

Our Profile

Labo Derva

Labo Derva concentrates on two core activities. Labo Derva takes samples on behalf of its customers. After a first inspection at the site, the samples are then analysed in our own fully equipped laboratory. Our work area is situated in the area of analysing both pool water, drinking water, wastewater, and process water., And this for all necessary parameters. Also Legionella analyses are a familiar territory for us, where we use the classical plate method and the PCR method (measuring method based on DNA). After analysing, Labo Derva focuses on advising by studying the identified abnormalities and proposing an appropriate treatment.

Also for the construction of new pool complexes or other water-related projects you can use our expertise. We also carry out hygiene checks on floors of wet areas around swimming pools, hospitals and kitchens. Again, after the analysis focused and affordable advice is given in relation to efficient cleaning and disinfection.

Labo Derva provides training for beginners and experts in the field of swimming pool technology and techniques and on hand cleaning and disinfection techniques on the other hand. Labo Derva also provides training for water experts what to do with legionella legislation, control and prevention.

In both industries, Labo Derva can fall back on decades of experience.

Worldwide recognition for pool expertise

Manager Ludo Feyen is - thanks to years of expertise - a member of the Technical Working Group pools WG 3 and WG 8 of the European Commission, advisor to the Belgian Sauna Society and various holiday parks. He is also a member of the expert group in the Netherlands which provides advice to the government regarding the new bathing water legislation in the year 2013.

Labo Derva checks for over 20 years, the quality and hygiene in all domestic and foreign subtropical swimming paradises o. A Center Parcs, Sunparks, Alton Towers (UK), Wahooo park (Bahrain), Aqualibi, Hengelhoef ...

In 2009, before the manager of Labo Derva by international Become Waterpark Association (WWA) the Industry Leadership Award - awarded suppliers in 2008.